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3M Glass Bubbles for OEM & Tier

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3M Glass Bubbles for OEM & Tier
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3M Glass Bubbles for OEM & Tier

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3M™ Glass Bubbles for Automotive Hero
Drive down vehicle weight.

Lightweighting with 3M™ Glass Bubbles helps improve fuel economy, contributing to sustainability.

Automotive Lightweighting Applications

Lightweighting Applications

  • Lightweighting interior injection molded parts
    Injection Molded Parts

    3M offers high strength hollow glass microspheres that can withstand the requirements of the injection-molding process, despite their low density. They can be incorporated into a wide variety of plastics to drive down weight while maintaining desirable physical properties.

  • 3M glass bubbles reduce the density of standard SMCs/BMCs to below 1.0 g/cc enabling weight reductions of as much as 40%.

  • Lightweight Plastisol for Seam Seals and Coatings
    Seam Sealing & Underbody Coatings

    3M glass bubbles can reduce the weight of underbody coating and seam sealer by up to 50% - contributing to lower overall vehicle weight. 

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