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3M™ Glass Bubbles for Construction Hero

Lighten your workload.

3M™ Glass Bubbles make spackling, engineered wood and other building materials lighter weight and easier to work with.

3M™ Glass Bubbles for Construction Materials

  • From simple sealants to the finishing touches, and even the tools you use to get the job done, 3M™ Glass Bubbles can help lighten your workload. Used as density-reducing additives, these hollow glass microspheres help create building materials that are versatile, lightweight and easy to work with. Their low density enables higher filler loading, as well as a lower cost per volume compared to many conventional fillers. Because of their spherical shape, 3M glass bubbles behave like tiny ball bearings, easily rolling over one another. This can help improve the flow of many materials to which they are added. 3M glass bubbles can also help improve sandability and reduce shrinkage and warpage in spackling compounds, wood composites and other materials – helping reduce rework.

    3M glass bubbles are engineered to withstand the high temperatures and stresses of processing conditions such as liquid phase polymer processing, high-viscosity melt compounding and high-pressure injection molding. Potential applications include:

    • Low-shrink spackling, putties, caulks and sealants
    • Potting compounds
    • Machinable, sandable compounds
    • Cultured marble
    • Preformed concrete
    • Extruded profiles for window and door trim
    • Architectural base coves
    • Molded décor
    • Engineered wood
    • Lightweight hand-held tools

    In addition, 3M glass bubbles can be formulated into a variety of paints and specialty coatings, including solar reflective roof coatings.

Engineered wood

  • Composite Wood

    3M glass bubbles can be used to create polymer/wood composites that behave more like natural wood. By providing greater void volume, 3M glass bubbles make it easier for nails and screws to penetrate the typically dense polymer. The low thermal conductivity of 3M glass bubbles can also enable composites that retain the warm feel of natural wood.

    • Superior machinability and sandability
    • Easier nail and screw acceptance
    • Retains strong corners and edges
    • Ideal for decking, outdoor furniture and more

    Download our technical paper to learn more:
    Processing Behavior, Morphology and Benefits of Using Low Density Hollow Glass Microspheres in Polymer Wood Composites (PDF, 923 KB)


3M glass bubbles are supported by our global sales, technical and customer service resources. Contact us for more information, including formulation assistance or questions about a specific application.

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