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    3M™ Defense Protection Systems

    • On land, at sea or in the air, military and law enforcement personnel around the world put their lives on the line every day. And the load they carry is heavy enough. That’s why our armor systems are made with advanced materials and unique processing technology to provide an optimal balance of light weight, comfort and resistance to a wide range of threats.

      Engineered to meet or exceed operational requirements, Defense Protection Systems from 3M are designed to help safeguard the brave men and women who protect all of us. From blunt impact protection to multi-hit armor, military forces around the world rely on 3M armor systems to enhance survivability. Our portfolio includes armor systems to protect aircraft from armor-piercing projectiles; body armor inserts for lightweight, high-performance torso protection; and a range of ballistic helmets to protect against head injury from ballistic threats and blunt impacts.

      Part of our helmet portfolio, the Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) has been shown to provide over 35% improved ballistic fragmentation protection compared to other helmets currently in use. Used in the field by U.S. Marine Corps, Army and Navy, the ECH is designed to help protect military personnel against head injury from ballistic threats and blunt impacts. We have fielded over 2 million body armor inserts and 100,000 enhanced combat helmets to the U.S. Armed Forces. Our global manufacturing and supply chain resources help ensure that these products will be available wherever and whenever they’re needed – to help our soldiers, special forces and law enforcement personnel come home safe and sound.

    • 3M™ Aircraft Armor Systems

      Protection for seating, wing panels, cockpits, engines and more for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

    • 3M™ Ballistic Helmets

      An optimal balance of weight, comfort, shock absorption and ballistic protection.

    • 3M™ Body Armor

      Lightweight armor plates for rugged, multi-hit protection. Available in a variety of configurations.


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