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3M Silicon Nitride Oil and Gas Components

Tough under pressure.

High-strength 3M™ Silicon Nitride materials and components for oil and gas exploration and recovery

3M™ Silicon Nitride Oil and Gas Components

  • Extreme temperatures. Crushing pressures. Corrosive chemicals. The harsh operating conditions in the oil and gas industry can take a toll on equipment. 3M™ Silicon Nitride Oil and Gas Components are engineered for reliability, helping improve performance and extend the life of critical equipment in demanding downhole environments.

    Components made from 3M™ Silicon Nitride have high thermal shock resistance and a low co-efficient of thermal expansion to help withstand the extreme temperatures of deepwater operations. In addition to corrosion and wear resistance, 3M silicon nitride also offers nonmagnetic properties, high dielectric strength and microwave transparency for downhole telemetry applications.


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