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3M™ Fused Silica Hero

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High-purity fused silica for investment casting and high-temperature applications

3M™ Fused Silica

  • From gas turbines to golf clubs, high-precision metal parts require accuracy and consistency at every stage of the manufacturing process. Engineered for use in investment casting foundries, 3M™ Fused Silica products include flours, blends and advanced shell systems to help meet these exacting requirements – and create parts that fit the mold every time.

    3M fused silica products are optimized for purity and consistency. Our revolutionary furnace design helps prevent raw silica sand from becoming contaminated during processing, resulting in a product that is 99.7% pure. 3M fused silica products are optimized for batch-to-batch consistency for a more accurate mold and faster overall production.

    3M fused silica products are used in the production of close-tolerance components for aerospace, automotive, construction, energy and many other industries. Our portfolio also includes fused silica castables and shapes that are well suited for use where high temperatures, thermal shock resistance and low thermal expansion are critical – including photovoltaic casting, glass melting, titanium processing and other metalforming operations.


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