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Lightweight, temperature resistant ceramic fabrics for flame barriers, composite structures and other high temperature applications.

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  • Nextel Aircraft

    Fan cowls, engine struts and other jet engine components need to withstand a great deal of stress from high temperatures, punishing vibration and – above all – the threat of flame. If a fire should occur, firewalls made of Nextel ceramic fabrics have proved to meet the FAA’s 2000ºF (1093ºC) 15-minute flame penetration requirement – at a lighter weight and with easier maintenance than metal shields. Nextel products are also used for high temperature sealing, electrical insulation for aircraft wiring, and as structural reinforcement for exhaust components and other composite parts.

  • Nextel Defense
    Lightweight, high-strength and temperature resistant, Nextel products are uniquely suited for many high-tech, modern-day defense applications. Nextel ceramic textiles are used in firewalls and heat shields for military aircraft, and braided Nextel sleevings protect the Minuteman rocket’s pressurized gas lines against heat and flames from the plume. Nextel ceramic fibers are also used as reinforcements in a variety of metal and polymer composites for rotor blades, radomes and other aircraft components.
  • Nextel Spacecraft

    Once used to protect NASA Space Shuttles against the heat of reentry, today Nextel textiles and fibers are used for both high temperature and load-bearing applications in outer space. For example, blankets sewn from Nextel textiles protect the Delta II rocket engine from the plume of the solid boosters, and whipple shields made with Nextel fabrics defend the International Space Station and satellites against impact by micrometeorites and space debris.


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