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3M Industrial Masking Tapes
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Masking Made Simple

It’s easy to choose the best masking tape for the job with 3M’s 5-Tape System. Each of the five tapes builds on increasing levels of performance to help you get the job done.


3M Industrial Masking Tapes

Holds Firm. Removes Easily.

  • You need the right tool to finish the job. 3M is here to help. Our simple 5-Tape System takes the guesswork out of finding the right industrial masking tape. From high-temperature conditions that demand super-sharp lines to tough everyday jobs and temporary marking, you can trust 3M for consistent reliability.

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Featured Products

  • 3M™ Specialty High Temperature Purple Masking Tape 501+

    If your high-temperature job requires super-sharp paint lines, look for our premium purple masking tape. This high-performance crepe paper masking tape is designed for most industrial painting situations—including bake cycles of up to 300° F for 30 minutes—while providing clean, one-piece removal.

  • 3M™ High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+

    For industrial painters who demand superior results, 3M’s green masking tape delivers ultra-sharp paint lines in applications where surface temperatures reach up to 250°F. This green crepe paper tape is ideal for critical paint masking applications in automotive, specialty vehicle and industrial markets where strong holding and high-temperature performance are required.

  • 3M™ Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+

    The dependable choice for industrial-strength performance, 3M™ Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+ is the workhorse for industrial painters. It sticks instantly to most surfaces—including metal, rubber, glass and plastic—and removes easily to create sharp paint lines. This distinctive tape remains in place without lifting or curling when formed around corners, through contours and over irregular surfaces.

  • 3M™ General Use Masking Tape 201+

    The tough tape for everyday jobs, 3M™ General Use Masking Tape 201+ sticks to many surfaces and removes cleanly with no residue. 201+ is great for general indoor use and for light-to-medium-duty bundling jobs, such as wrapping electrical cords, air hoses and PVC pipes. This tape is dependable for use in temperatures up to 200°F for 30 minutes.

  • 3M™ Value Masking Tape 101+

    The basic tape for basic jobs, 3M™ Value Masking Tape 101+ is a great addition to every toolbox, job site and workplace. It performs well in applications where consistent reliability is a must. This cost-effective, pressure-sensitive crepe paper tape holds, bundles, seals and performs other noncritical jobs. It offers controlled unwind to prevent shredding or splintering and tears easily from the roll by hand.

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