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3M Protective Wrap Systems for Firestopping
Advanced Firestopping Technology

Safeguard air and grease ductwork, electrical circuitry and other components behind walls with the advanced firestopping technology of 3M's protective wrap systems.


Protective Wrap Systems

Rigorously Tested Solutions

  • There's a protective wrap system for every need. Lightweight, flexible 3M™ Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ protects both air and grease ducts for up to two hours. 3M™ Fire Barrier Plenum Wrap 5A+ creates a fire-resistive enclosure that can reduce flame and smoke spread ratings to acceptable levels. For additional protection, 3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat uses chemically bound water to slow heat transfer. All are rigorously tested and easy to install, for fire protection solutions you can stand behind.

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Featured Protective Wrap Product

  • 3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat for Firestopping.

    3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat

    Flexible 3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat (E-Mat) installs quickly and easily, even on complex shapes. In the event of a fire, it releases chemically bound water to cool outer surfaces and significantly slow heat transfer, protecting structural steel components for up to four hours, critical electrical components for up to three and wall opening membranes for up to two. Once installed, E-Mat offers low cost of ownership and is easy to maintain and inspect.

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Help You Can Count On

  • 3M Firestop Product Support for Specifiers and Architects

    Specifiers and Architects

    For complex risk management issues, 3M offers guidance for architects and specifiers, including help with scheduling, quality and cost.


  • 3M Firestop Product Support for Contractors


    We offer assistance to general contractors and sub contractors/installers looking to improve their productivity.

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  • 3M Firestop Product Support for Consultants and Code Officials

    Consultants and Code Officials

    We provide tools to assist in providing compliance, conformity and productivity information for completed as-built environments.


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