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Performance Label Materials

Durable Label Materials

3M™ Performance Durable Label Materials – Adhesives, Topcoats, Liners and More

  • 3M is the Premier Durable Label solution provider globally in the Industry today. 3M materials and services will enable you and your customers to present the best images, products, and quality as we solve marketplace solutions from design to production. We do this by partnering with industry leaders to deliver the best possible technology for innovative solutions regardless of your print method, substrates, and ink systems.

    Talk with a 3M Technical Services Specialist about your exact needs, including CSA compliance, and how our performance label materials can be combined and converted into the precise size and shape you need.

Featured Performance Labels

  • Fast Track Program

    3M™ Fast Track Programs

    Keep pace with your customer demands. 3M™ Fast Track Programs offer standard and specialty label materials to meet your requirements and deadlines. Get speed, flexibility and service from the 2-Day Pre-Slit Program, Mini-Master Program and 2-Day Precision Program.

  • Durable Label Materials with Structured Adhesives

    3M™ Durable Label Materials with Structured Adhesives

    With unique microchannels throughout the structured adhesive, air flows freely from between the label adhesive and substrate. Labels go on smoothly and stay that way permanently without the unsightly wrinkles and bubbles that can cause application scrap and wasteful rework.

  • Tamper-Evident Label Materials

    3M™ Tamper-Evident Label Materials

    3M™ Tamper-Evident Labels are almost impossible to remove without obvious fracturing or telltale patterns. Ideal for medical security applications, VIN labels, serial number labels, and other authentication labels, warranty seals and closures.

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