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    Whole House Water Filtration

    Whole House Water Filtration

    About 3M Whole House Water Filtration Solutions

    • We offer Whole House Water Filter Systems that are installed at the point of entry to the home. These large capacity systems are specially designed for both private wells and city water. Our whole house water filter systems help protect pipes and appliances against sediment buildup while offering great-tasting drinking water throughout the home.

    Whole House Water Filtration Systems

    • AP900 Series Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) Style Systems

      • Whole house water filter systems are great solutions to help protect your pipes and appliances as well as offer you great tasting drinking water from anywhere in the home
      • Stainless steel head with limited 25 year warranty
    • *As tested and verified by manufacturer's laboratory.

    3M Aqua-Pure™ AP900 Features and Benefits

    Product Categories for Whole House Water Filtration

    • We offer a range of standard, large diameter plastic and stainless steel housings for whole house water filtration.

    • For use with 3M™ Whole House Water Filter Housings, we offer a range of water filter cartridges.

    Whole House Water Filtration Typical Installation*

    Typical Whole House Water Filtration Installation
    • Important: Diagram shown is for reference purposes only. Read installation and operation manual prior to installing the unit.

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