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Water Softening Systems

Water Softening Systems

About 3M Water Softening Products

  • For brighter clothes and cleaner dishes with less detergent and water use, we offer the 3M™ Water Softening Systems, which helps protect plumbing and reduces energy costs. Over time, scale build-up can significantly shorten the life of any water-using appliance— from coffee makers and irons to washers and dishwashers. Scale can build up in plumbing; reduce water flow; clog showerheads; and leave stains, water marks and a filmy residue on bathroom textures, tubs and shower walls.

Water Softening Featured Products

  • 3MWTS Softner Series

    • Optimized for Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide reduction
    • Includes a proprietary salt shelf, reducing service issues
    • Applicable media included in all 3MWTS systems
    • H-050P High capacity softening resin
    • 1.0 Cubic Ft
    • Scale/Hardness at 7.9 gpm
    • 1.5 Cubic Ft
    • Scale/Hardness at 11.1 gpm
    • 2.0 Cubic Ft
    • Scale/Hardness/Baruim/Radium at 10.9 gpm
    • WQA certified, NSF/ANSI Standard 44 listing for reduction of Barium, Radium as well as water hardness
    • 1.25" valve offers greater flexibility with home/application size

3MWTS Softner Series Typical Installation*

3MWTS Softner Series Typical Installation
  • *Important: Diagram shown is for reference purposes only. Read installation and operation manual prior to installing the unit.

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