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Compound Radial Pleats. Applied to minimizing your footprint.

High Flow Filter System

The 3M™ High Flow Filter System is a result of 3M Purification's extensive filtration experience applied to delivering high flow filter technology in a compact design. For those customers who want filtration efficiency and a small footprint, 3M High Flow filter system may be the right filtration solution.

High Performance media in an innovative design

  • High Flow Series Filter


    • Reduced cartridge handling & disposal
    • Reduced filter change-out time
    • Less individual cartridge seal points, reducing chance of fluid bypass
    • High filter loading capacity
    • Reproducible filter effluent quality throughout life of filter
    • Broad chemical compatibility
    • No special tools or hardware required for filter change-out
    • "Twist-to-lock" cartridge seating mechanism provides positive seal
    • Ergonomic designed handle facilitates cartridge installation and removal

  • 3M™ High Flow Filter Cartridge Design Features

Ease of Use

An ergonomically designed handle facilitates fast and easy insertion and removal without the use of special tools. Cartridges are simply inserted over a built-in guide tube.

Polypropleyene construction

Provides wide range of compatibility with various fluids.

Compound radial pleat design

Maximizes usable surface area per cartridge.

High Flow

3-inch core permits up to 500 gpm through a single cartridge (60" length). Seating mechanism uses a "twist to lock" design to provide a positive seal.


  • 3M™ High Flow Media Demonstration
    3M™ High Flow Media Demonstration
  • Twist to Lock Sealing
    Twist to Lock Sealing

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