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  • Window Insulator Kit by mail-in rebate

  • 3M Home Energy Products
    3M™ Window Insulator Kits

    • Stops cold drafts
    • Saves energy and money
    • Lasts all winter long

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Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

  • Washing
    Don't wash half-loads of dishes or laundry and air dry when possible.
  • Waterheater

    Turn down your water heater to 120° (140° if you have a dishwasher) to save energy.

  • Wrap
    Wrap exposed hot water lines.
  • Dryer

    Keep your dryer's lint filter and vent clean.

  • Fireplace

    Close the damper on your fireplace when not in use.

  • unplug
    Electronic devices can draw energy when turned off. Unplugging items when not in use can help you save energy and money.
  • Grilling
    Avoid using the oven on hot days. Use the stovetop or cook outdoors to keep your house cooler.

Having trouble with the last fold on your window insulator film? Film can be difficult to separate due to static cling. Here is a quick trick to help unfold the film:

  • Apply
    1. Apply a piece of tape to one corner. Let the tape overlap the film to create a tab.
  • Flip film

    2. Flip the film over.

  • Apply second piece
    3. Apply a second piece of tape on the reverse side, offset from the first piece.
  • Pull two pieces of tape apart
    4. Gently pull the two pieces of tape apart to separate the layers of film.

Window Insulator Kit FAQs

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