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  • 3M™ Wind Protection Tapes 2.0
  • 3M™ Wind Protection Tapes 2.0

    3M ID EEBGCHR000138

    Made with a tough, high durability polyurethane elastomer, 3M™ Wind Protection Tape 2.0 is designed to resist erosion from rain, sand, and punctures, even at prolonged exposure to UV rays. Through 31+ hours of rain erosion lab testing with the same conditions, it has lasted up to three times longer, it is the only solution that can be consistently applied in terms of thickness performance.

    Rotating at speeds of up to 200 MPH (320 kph), wind turbine blades consistently encounter an array of environmental factors – including sand, hail and salt spray – which can cause significant damage and reduce aerodynamic efficiency. And if the blade deteriorates to the point where water enters, the blade could fail, severely impacting the entire wind turbine.

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