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3M™ ThermaVolt Insulating Paper Laminate TvF

Typical Properties
Attribute Name
Overall Thickness (Imperial)
10 in, 15 in, 17.5 in, 28 in, 7 in, 8 in
Overall Thickness (Metric)
0.178 mm, 0.203 mm, 0.254 mm, 0.381 mm, 0.445 mm, 0.711 mm
Overall Width (Imperial)
36 in
Overall Width (Metric)
914.4 mm
  • Tear-resistant, polyester film offers high mechanical strength
  • Calendering process ensures high thermal conductivity
  • Ideal for ground, layer and interwinding insulation
  • Inorganic-based calendered paper is bonded to polyester film
  • Suitable for high-temperature electrical insulation applications rated up to Class 220(R)
  • Found in 3M UL Recognized Insulation Systems

3M™ ThermaVolt Calendered Inorganic Insulating Paper Laminate is designed for insulating and protecting electrical equipment at high temperatures. It offers good thermal conductivity and coil bonding characteristics. 3M™ ThermaVolt Inorganic Insulating Paper Laminate is ideal for ground, layer and interwinding insulation. The conjunction of 3M ThermaVolt paper and polyester film make this laminate suitable for major high temperature applications. The calendering process exhibits optimized thermal conductivity and inorganic content offers long term voltage endurance. The tear resistant, polyester film reinforcement ensures enhanced mechanical strength to the paper.

It is suitable for Class 220(R) electrical insulation systems and 3M UL Recognized Insulation Systems may be found in UL File No. 65007. REACH Compliant and RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant‎.