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3M™ ThermaVolt Insulating AR Paper

Typical Properties
Attribute Name
Dry-Type Transformer, Other
Electrical Insulation System Thermal Class
Flexible Insulation Product
ThermaVolt and ThermaVolt AR Calendered Inorganic Insulating Papers and Laminates
Insulation Construction
Pure Paper
Mechanical Strength
Overall Thickness (Imperial)
10 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil, 30 mil, 4 mil, 5 mil, 7 mil
Overall Thickness (Metric)
101 micron, 127 micron, 178 micron, 254 micron, 381 micron, 508 micron, 762 micron
Product Type
Electrical Insulation Paper, Inorganic Insulating Paper
RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
RoHS EU Comments
RoHS 2011/65/EU compliant without exemption
Thermal Conductivity
Total Thickness
10 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil, 3 mil, 30 mil, 4 mil, 5 mil, 7 mil
  • Provides high thermal stability for improved coil performance in a single ply
  • Long-term voltage endurance resists partial discharge damage and provides longer insulation life
  • Ideal for use in open-ventilated, dry-type transformers
  • Maintains its integrity while remaining conformable
  • Low moisture absorption provides excellent dimensional stability
  • Suitable for high-temperature electrical insulation applications rated up to Class 220(R)
  • Found in 3M UL Recognized Insulation Systems

3M™ ThermaVolt AR Electrical Insulation Paper provides excellent thermal stability and high dielectric strength. It is ideal for open ventilated, dry type transformer applications. The paper provides low moisture absorption and exhibits low moisture content, even under high humidity conditions.

This insulating paper has good mechanical strength that resists damage during handling and maintains excellent conformability. It is suitable for core wrap, phase insulation, high low barrier, major and minor ground insulation, interwinding and turn insulation applications. It is suitable for Class 220(R) electrical insulation systems and 3M UL Recognized Insulation Systems may be found in UL File No. 65007. REACH Compliant and RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant‎‎.