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  • 3M™ Scotchkote™ Epoxy Coating 162PWX Pt B, Activator
  • 3M™ Scotchkote™ Epoxy Coating 162PWX Pt B, Activator

    3M ID GR200103913
    Attribute Name
    Oil & Gas: Exploration and Pipeline, Oil & Gas: Refining, Oil & Gas: Transportation, Oil & Gas: Factory Applied Pipe Coating, Utilities & Power: Transmission & Distribution
    Application Thickness (Imperial)
    Application dependent, single pass. For NSF certified applications, max thickness is 1mm (40 mil)
    Gray, Gray
    Container Size (Metric)
    0.33 Liter
    Container Volume
    0.33 Liter
    Container Volume (Metric)
    Coverage Area
    2 sq meter per litre at 500 micron dft
    Drinking Water Approvals
    AFNOR XP P 41-256, ARPAL, AS/NZS 4020, NSF/ANSI 61, OTEC, Reg 31(4)a, WRAS
    Full Cure Time Temperature Time
    Hard dry 6 hours, full cure 7 days at 20°C (68°F)
    Industry Solutions
    Protecting Potable Water Infrastructure, Storing Water
    Mixed Color
    Product Type
    Recommended Surfaces
    Cast Iron, Cement Mortar Lined pipe, Ductile Iron, Steel
    RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
    RoHS EU Comments
    Contact 3M for information
    *Important RoHS information
    Shelf Life
    5 Year
    Storage Temperature
    5 to 32 C⁰,‎ Store between 5C⁰ (40F⁰) and 32C⁰ (90F⁰)
    Used With
    Potable Water (select countries and uses)
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