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  • 3M™ SLiC™ Aerial Closure Rigid Bond and Sheath Retention
  • 3M™ SLiC™ Aerial Closure Rigid Bond and Sheath Retention

    Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter (Imperial)
    Maximum Modular Pair Count
    Maximum Discrete Pair Count
    Products Available
    Available options:
     Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter (Imperial), Maximum Modular Pair Count and Maximum Discrete Pair Count
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    Attribute Name
    Aerial Strand Mount
    Bonding Type
    Rigid Bond
    Closure Method
    Free Breathing
    Connector Type
    Discrete, Modular
    End Seals Included
    (2) five port
    End Seal Type
    Spiral End Seal
    No, Yes
    Flame Retardant
    Maximum Cable Pair Count
    1200 Pair, 2400 Pair, 3600 Pair, 900 Pair
    Maximum Discrete Pair Count
    1200 Pair, 900 Pair
    Maximum Modular Pair Count
    2400 Pair, 3600 Pair
    Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter (Imperial)
    7.60 Inch, 9.60 Inch
    Maximum Splice Opening
    21.00 Inch, 25.00 Inch
    Product Type
    Closure Kit
    Sheath Retention
    Shield Bond Connector Included
    Solution for
    Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV, Access Network: xDSL, Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor

    The single-piece, double-wall molded, aerial closure is easily installed in construction or maintenance situations. The one-piece construction permits complete splice access after placement without removal of the closure or bonding from the cables.

    All the components are attached to the closure; there are no parts to lose. Because of the interlocking ends, the 3M™ SLiC™ Aerial Closures can expand to meet any size sheath opening without special kits, eliminating excess inventory. 3M™ SLiC™ closures are available in seven different sizes that could accommodate splice bundle diameters from 2.2 inches to 9.6 inches. Both rubber end seal (RES) or spiral end seal (SES) versions assure a snug fit on cables and eliminate the need for drip collars. Spiral end seals are offered with a minimum of three cable ports to a maximum of five cable ports to accommodate various cable diameters. Rubber end seals are offered with one, two or three ports which will accommodate different cable diameters.

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