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  • 3M™ Motor Lead Pigtail Splice 5322, 5-8 kV, 2-1/0 AWG (feeder), 4-1/0 AWG (motor lead), 1/case
  • 3M™ Motor Lead Pigtail Splice 5322, 5-8 kV, 2-1/0 AWG (feeder), 4-1/0 AWG (motor lead), 1/case

    Part Number 53223M ID 80610735195UPC 00054007122722
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      Attribute Name
      Connection Type
      Pigtail (Non-Shielded), Pigtail (Shielded)
      Insulation Outside Diameter
      0.43-0.65 Inch
      Insulation Outside Diameter Range
      0.43-0.65 in
      Insulation Outside Diameter Range (Metric)
      10.9 - 16.5 mm
      Lug Cover Length
      8-9 in
      Lug Cover Length (Metric)
      203.2-228.6 mm
      Manufacturing Origin
      Maximum Bolt Length
      3/4 in
      Maximum Bolt Length (Metric)
      19.1 mm
      Maximum Feeder Lead Size
      1/0 AWG
      Maximum Motor Lead Size
      1/0 AWG
      Maximum Operating Voltage
      8 kV
      Range Feeder Cable (AWG & kcmil)
      Splice Type
      Pigtail Only
      Units per Case
      5 - 8 kV

      3M™ 5300 Series Motor Lead Pigtail Splice Kit contains 3 each of pigtail lug covers, cold shrink tubes, silicone grease tubes, solvent cleaning cloths, splicing tape 130C and more. This shielded and non shielded splice kit features a slip on splice cover that is made of a durable EPDM rubber while mastic strips are used for moisture seal applications. It includes high dielectric constant stress control for reducing the size and electrical stress. This kit is perfect for splicing polyethylene/cross linked cable, ethylene propylene rubber cable, copper conductors and more. RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant‎.

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      Manufacturing Origin: USA

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