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  • 3M™ Hi-Amp Accessory Grounding Kits 8473 and GSHA-8 QT-II
  • 3M™ Hi-Amp Accessory Grounding Kits 8473 and GSHA-8 QT-II

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      Maximum Operating Voltage
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      Attribute Name
      Cable Accessory Products
      Sealing and Grounding Kits
      Cable Outside Diameter Range
      1.25 - 2.25 in
      Cable Outside Diameter Range (Metric)
      31.8 - 57.2 mm
      Conductor Size Range
      350-1000 kcmil
      Conductor Sizes
      1000 kcmil, 350 kcmil, 400 kcmil, 500 kcmil, 600 kcmil, 700 kcmil, 750 kcmil, 800 kcmil, 900 kcmil
      Manufacturing Origin
      Maximum Conductor Size
      1000 kcmil
      Maximum Operating Voltage
      35 Kilovolt
      Product Type
      Grounding Accessory Kit

      Both designed to accommodate the grounding of accessories installed on 15 kV, 25 kV and 35 kV Class longitudinally corrugated (LC), heavy-duty tape and conventional tape-shielded power cables.

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