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3M™ Anisotropic Conductive Film 7371

Part Number 73713M ID EMMDM2ACF7371
  • Heat cure
  • Fast bond time
  • Thermo-set low temperature cure
  • Slight tack at room temperature
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  • Heat cure
  • Fast bond time
  • Thermo-set low temperature cure
  • Slight tack at room temperature
  • High adhesion to PET
  • Good thermal stability
  • Reworkable
  • Frozen storage

3M™ ACF 7371 is an acrylate-based adhesive system filled with 10 micron gold-coated polymer particles. It is a heat-bondable, electrically-conductive adhesive film which rapidly cross-links at modest bonding temperature and pressure.

Additional Information
The unbonded film is slightly tacky at room temperature and consists of a thermoset-elastomer and thermoplastic adhesive matrix randomly loaded with conductive particles. These particles allow interconnection of circuit lines through the adhesive thickness, but are spaced far enough apart for the product to be electrically insulating in the plane of the adhesive. Soft conductive particles are preferred when bonding to fragile substrates such as ITO on glass, as they deform against hard surfaces, but may also be used for other substrate types. 3M™ ACF 7371 may be used to bond a flexible printed circuit to another flexible printed circuit or to a plastic touch screen or plastic flat panel display device.

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