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3M™ 2-Type 505 Cover

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Maximum Splice Opening
Incoming Cover Diameter
Outgoing Cover Diameter
Closure Length End to End
Maximum Number of Splice Banks
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Attribute Name
Aerial Strand Mount, Buried, Underground
Closure Diameter
7.00 Inches, 8.00 Inches, 9.50 Inches
Closure Length End to End
18.50 Inch, 27.50 Inch, 36.00 Inch, 44.50 Inch, 48.50 Inch, 52.75 Inch, 57.00 Inch, 61.50 Inch, 65.50 Inch, 69.75 Inch, 74.00 Inch, 78.50 Inch, 82.50 Inch
Closure Method
Sealed/Pressurized, Sealed/Pressurized and Encapsulated/Compound Compression
Connector Type
Discrete, Modular
No, Yes
Flame Retardant
Maximum Cable Pair Count
100 Pair, 1000 Pair, 1200 Pair, 1500 Pair, 1600 Pair, 1800 Pair, 2100 Pair, 2200 Pair, 2300 Pair, 2400 Pair, 2700 Pair, 300 Pair, 3000 Pair, 3300 Pair, 3600 Pair, 400 Pair, 4200 Pair, 4800 Pair, 600 Pair, 900 Pair, Custom
Maximum Number of Splice Banks
0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter (Imperial)
12.00 Inch, 3.00 Inch, 4.00 Inch, 5.25 Inch, 7.00 Inch, 8.00 Inch, 9.50 Inch
Maximum Splice Opening
10.00 Inch, 19.00 Inch, 27.50 Inch, 36.00 Inch, 40.00 Inch, 44.25 Inch, 48.50 Inch, 53.00 Inch, 57.00 Inch, 61.25 Inch, 65.50 Inch, 70.00 Inch, 74.00 Inch
Product Type
Seal Type
Encapsulated, Non-Encapsulated
Solution for
Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV, Access Network: xDSL, Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor

The 3M™ Pressurized Closure 2-type 505 is a pressure tight, re-enterable closure suitable for enclosing spliced connections of communication cables in a wide variety of applications, including manholes.

It is offered in various length and diameters. All closures offer straight, branch and butt configurations. Standard Lengths range from 470 mm (18.5 inches) to over 2096 mm (82.5 inches) and closure diameters range from 77 mm (3.0 inches ) to 305 mm (12.0 inches). Custom length closures are available in various diameters on a special order basis. Only tool required for installation is the washer cutter tool and torque wrench. The closure and endplates are molded from light weight, tough corrosion resistant plastic. To maintain air tight, water tight seal. "R" sealing tape is used for sealing the entire closure family.

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