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3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers and Perfluoroelastomers
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A broad family of fluoroelastomers for demanding sealing and containment applications.

Flexible Resistance With 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers Products (FKM & FFKM)

  • 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers for sealing and containment

    In 1969, astronauts boarded the Apollo 11 spacecraft wearing boots containing 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers. Today, these synthetic elastomeric materials are used in some of the toughest environments on earth. From hot-running automotive engines to harsh chemicals of semiconductor manufacturing and demanding conditions of oil and gas exploration, Dyneon fluoroelastomers stand up to the most challenging sealing applications.

    Dyneon Fluoroelastomers (FKM & FFKM) give processors and end users flexibility in choosing materials with the optimal balance of thermal resistance, chemical resistance and sealing strength for the job at hand. We offer a wide range of options for a variety of performance characteristics in extreme environments, including excellent retained sealing force, resistance to concentrated sodium chloride, and service temperatures above 250ºC. Whatever your application, our technical experts can help you identify the optimal fluoroelastomer compound so you can manufacture quality, cost-effective sealing components.

    • Excellent thermal and chemical resistance
    • Low permeation
    • Long service life
    • Excellent processability
    • Compatible with a variety of molding and extrusion processes

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Fluoroelastomer (FKM & FFKM) Applications By Industry

  • 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers for Aerospace

    3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers (FKM & FFKM) stepped into history with the Apollo 11 launch. In modern aircraft, they are used as backup seals for auxiliary power units and for other critical sealing applications. Our LTFE grades are capable of true dynamic sealing at temperatures as low as -40ºC, helping meet the unique challenges of the aerospace industry.

  • 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers for Automotive

    3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers (FKM) not only withstand hot-running engines and harsh biofuels, but also contribute to extended service life for vehicle powertrains. Their low permeability helps fuel systems meet stringent standards for evaporative emissions. We also offer low temperature grades suitable for snowmobiles, trucks and other vehicles that need to operate reliably in arctic conditions.

  • 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers for Chemical Processing
    Chemical Processing

    From pharmaceuticals to pulp and paper, the numerous and varied branches of the chemical processing industry (CPI) have a universal need to protect against damage from aggressive chemicals, corrosion and extreme temperatures. 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers (FKM & FFKM) are ideal for fluid handling and environmental control systems, offering long-term durability in the presence of corrosive materials.

  • 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers for Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    From downhole drilling to pipeline distribution systems, the crushing pressures, corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures of oil and gas production are punishing to conventional elastomers. 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers (FKM & FFKM) offer reliable sealing in aggressive environments such as sour oil and gas, amine corrosion inhibitors, acids and steam.

  • 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processing Workers
    Pharmaceutical & Food Processing

    Often used in sealing and fluid handling systems, 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers (FKM) provide long-term sealing and protection while meeting the high standard of purity required in sensitive applications. Applications include valves pumps, o-rings, hoses, gaskets, linings, diaphragms and more.

  • 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers for Semiconductor
    Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Engineered for wet process and dry side semiconductor applications, our high-purity 3M™ Dyneon™ PFE (FFKM) products deliver outstanding performance where no other class of elastomer can measure up. Our portfolio includes optically clear, high temperature and peroxide cure formulations with low metal ion content, low extractables and low outgassing – helping reduce the risk of contamination and chip defects.

Fluoroelastomer (FKM & FFKM) Product Categories

  • Dipolymers & Terpolymers

    Available with a range of viscosities and cure technologies, 3M dipolymers and terpolymers can be specified to provide a number of advantages over conventional fluoropolymers. Depending on the product and application, benefits may include improved acid resistance, scorch resistance, elongation retention and more.

  • Base Resistant Elastomers (BRE)

    3M™ Dyneon™ Base Resistant Elastomers (BREs) offer improved chemical resistance in basic (high pH) environments such as high-amine automotive oils and lubes, coolants and transmission fluids – making them ideal for many engine, transmission and shaft seals.

  • Low Temperature Fluoroelastomers (LTFE)

    In extreme cold, conventional elastomers can shrink, stiffen or crack, and seal failure can seriously damage equipment or vehicle reliability. 3M™ Dyneon™ Low Temperature Fluoroelastomers (LTFE) are designed to keep equipment running even in arctic conditions, with a true dynamic sealing capability that is effective at temperatures as low as -40°C.

  • Perfluoroelastomers (PFE)

    Typically used in extreme environments where other elastomer materials cannot perform due to thermal, chemical or purity conditions, 3M™ Dyneon™ Perfluoroelastomers feature the highest degree of purity and chemical resistance in our portfolio. With a temperature range of continuous use up to 315°C, these materials play a critical role in many sensitive aerospace, semiconductor and oil and gas recovery applications.

  • Rubber Additives

    The very characteristics that help fluoroelastomers perform in aggressive environments can also make them difficult to process – and that can be a real “sticking point” for processors. Elastomer compounds can stick during compression and injection molding processes, and extruded parts may be dry or rough – which can compromise seal life and integrity. 3M™ Dynamar™ Rubber Additives deliver better mold flow and release, for parts with sharper edges and smoother surfaces.

  • Rubber Curatives

    3M™ Dynamar™ Rubber Curatives are engineered to customize the cure of many fluoroelastomer compounds. These additives provide important benefits for both processors and end-users – with excellent dispersion, fast and easy incorporation, and less sensitivity to sulfur contamination.


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