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3M Masking Products & Tapes for Marine Manufacturing
Tapes for Masking, Attaching and More

From premium masking solutions to leak-proof thread sealant tapes, 3M offers masking and tape products to take on any marine challenge.


Masking Products & Tapes for Marine Manufacturing

  • Improve efficiency and precision with 3M's wide selection of professional-grade masking products. Our line includes masking tapes, papers and liquids that can help you deliver sharp paint lines without bleed or overspray.

    We also offer tapes designed for a variety of special marine applications, from dependable thread sealant and electrical tapes, to attachment tapes strong enough to bond moldings, claddings and trims. For removable items like seat cushions, rely on strong reclosable 3M tapes that hold securely yet release easily when needed.

Marine Product Categories for Masking and Tapes

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