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3M Compounds and Polishes for Marine Manufacturing
Smooth, Glossy Finishes

From stem to stern, 3M’s compound and polish products give boats a smooth, professional-grade finish.


Compounds and Polishes for Marine Manufacturing

  • To give boats an enhanced shine, 3M compound and polishes work together, correcting surfaces and delivering superior finishing and refinishing results. Our compound products can help you quickly remove heavy scratches, oxidation, water marks and other defects before you apply a polish and buff to a high gloss. Whether applied by hand or machine, our marine products are designed to minimize steps and cleanup, saving time, labor and expense.

Marine Product Categories for Compounds and Polishes

  • Compounds


  • Polishes


  • Glazes


  • Gelcoat Finishing System


  • Buffing Pads


  • Tools & Accessories


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