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3M Fillers, Putties and Glazes for Marine Manufacturing
Advanced Formulations for Easy Repairs

For body repairs above and below the waterline, 3M fillers, putties and glazes offer excellent bond strength, moisture resistance and fast curing times.


Fillers, Putties and Glazes for Marine Manufacturing

  • Repair holes, cracks and tears in fiberglass, metal, wood, aluminum and masonry with 3M fillers, putties and glazes. From cosmetic to structural repairs, 3M products are formulated to work with the unique properties of the boat’s construction material to withstand extreme environmental factors. Some of our products also include advanced technology, like 3M™ Glass Bubbles for lightweighting and high-strength fillers with short strand fiberglass for semi-structural repairs.

Marine Product Categories for Fillers, Putties and Glazes

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