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    321 Results 

    Industrial Adhesives and Tapes for Commercial and Specialty Vehicles

    3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives for Commercial and Specialty Vehicle Manufacturing
    Strong Bond. Strong Resistance.

    3M industrial adhesives and tapes offer strong bonds that resist dirt, dust, water and other environmental conditions.

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    High Performance and Improved Assembly

    • When it comes to manufacturing commercial and specialty vehicles, 3M has industrial tapes and adhesives that can streamline your assembly process. Our industrial tapes and adhesives have a wide range of benefits that include dead load holding strength, flexibility for dynamic load and thermal expansion mismatch, gap filling and water seals. For panel-to-frame vehicle assembly, we have high-performance 3M™ VHB™ Tapes that replace the need for mechanical fasteners. We also offer structural adhesives that give extra support and rigidity to vehicle panels.

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