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Thermal Management for Aerospace

Aircraft Thermal Management Solutions
At 36,000 feet, you need to keep your cool.

Lightweight, heat resistant advanced ceramics from 3M are held to a higher standard, outperforming the competition even at cruising altitude.

Aircraft Thermal Management Solutions

  • At 36,000 feet, you need to keep your cool. From engine firewalls to electronic components, 3M advanced ceramics for thermal management are engineered to take the heat, helping ensure reliable operation of aircraft components – all at a light weight. Because in the air, every ounce counts.

    Flexible and surprisingly strong, our ceramic fibers and fabrics provide flame and heat shielding, high temperature electrical insulation, and structural reinforcement for composites exposed to the blast of jet engine exhaust. On a smaller scale, our engineered additives help dissipate heat in plastic components, even in tight spaces, allowing more compact and efficient electronic devices.

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  • Designed to help you beat the heat, 3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers improve heat transfer in plastic components, and unlike graphite, they do so while maintaining electrical insulation. They provide this unbeatable combination at a low density, helping you create plastic electronic components that are lighter and thinner. Aboard aircraft, space can be a tight squeeze. By enabling electronics that are both compact and efficient, 3M boron nitride cooling fillers can help you keep all systems "go".

  • Whether in the air or in outer space, 3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Fibers and Textiles help protect critical equipment when the heat is on. Lightweight, flexible and extraordinarily durable, these high temperature textiles are used on aircraft for firewalls, seals, electrical insulation, and structural reinforcement for composites. In outer space, Whipple shields woven with Nextel fibers help protect satellites and other spacecraft from micrometeorites and debris.


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