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3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmets

Speedglas Welding Helmets

Questions to consider when choosing a 3M Speedglas welding helmet

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Before you select your helmet, you might want to consider these questions.

High-performing people need high-performing products

  • The 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet Series 9100 includes six welding helmet models offering many options, including flip-up welding shields, safety helmets, and respiratory systems. And with the 9100 headband, we’ve carefully avoided sensitive areas of the head while designing self-adjusting pads and forehead bands. By better contouring it around your head, our headband doesn’t need to be overly tight to be comfortably secure. If you haven’t experienced these innovations in welding protection, call your local 3M distributor for a hands-on demonstration.

Ergonomic fit:

Adjust the shield's distance to your face. Fits head sizes 6.25"" to 8"".

Less pressure:

Self-adjusting “twin pads” contour to your head. And two adjustable crown straps.


Smooth ratchet for precise tightening.

Adjust distance to face:

Sliding pivot to adjust the shields distance.


Helmet parking grip is adjusted on the wearers left hand side: Turn the left-hand knob clockwise to increase tightness. Drop-friction is on the wearer's right hand side: Turn the right-hand knob to adjust the decent rate while nodding down the shield.


Swiveling, self-adjusting, reversible back strap accomodates a cap worn backwards.

You choice of auto-darkening filter:

Four sizes of welding filters with superior optical performance for continuous viewing comfort. Arc detection down to 1 amp TIG.

Expand your view:

The first time a welder puts on a Speedglas welding helmet with side windows you can see their startled reaction. Previously hidden peripherial hazards (beams, obstacles, other workers) are now easier to see through the two, shade 5 side filters.

See more:
Large (approx. 8” x 4.25”) curved protective visor has excellent views, down and peripherally.
Protect your head:

The hard hat shell is made from heat resistant polycarbonate and meets the ANSI Z89.1-2009 requirements for Type 1 Class G hard hats. An optional, aluminized fabric reflects radiant welding heat.

Add-on hearing protection:

3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuff Assembly M-985: low-profile hearing protection with liquid/foam ear cushions and orange housings. NRR 26dB

May reduce lens fogging:

Exhaled air is channeled out via side exhaust vents.

Extend your coverage:
With our optional flame-retardant headcovers and ear/neck protectors.
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