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Alert: Twin-Leg Nano-Lok™ edge and the Twin-Leg Nano-Lok™ Wrap Back Self-Retracting Lifeline - CLICK HERE FOR stop use and product recall notice.

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Self-Retracting Lifelines

  • 3M Fall Protection has led the industry in the development of reliable and versatile self-retracting lifelines (SRLs). Our roots in self-retracting lifeline go back over 60 years and many now-common innovations have followed. Decades of field service have shown our self-retracting lifeline systems to be dependable and trustworthy. Once anchored, they extend and retract automatically, letting users move comfortably within an area while keeping lifeline tension. Should a fall occur, a speed-sensing brake activates, arresting the fall. Various styles, configurations and lengths are available to suit almost any need.

Product Series

  • Sealed-Blok™

  • Smart Lock

  • Ultra-Lok™

  • Nano-Lok™

  • Nano-Lok edge



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