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Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems

About 3M Water Treatment Products

  • Treat chlorine taste and odor, iron, sediment and much more with 3M™ Water Treatment Systems. We offer media designed to target low pH and iron as well as off tastes, odors and high sediment without the use of harsh chemicals. It's a total water solution that also helps protect the home's piping system and reduces in water-using appliances.

3MCBF Series Backwashing Systems

    • Self-cleans media by rinsing off the contaminants filtered from the water to help minimize energy and water waste
    • Using ACC-050P media provides a whole house chloramines reduction solution
  • Applicable Media for 3MCBF Series Backwashing Systems

    • A-050P for CTO Reduction or ACC-050P for Chloramine Reduction
    • C-050P or N-050P for Acid Neutralization
    • QFS-050P for Sediment Reduction
    • Media not included

3MAPPM Series Iron Reduction Systems

  • Best for well applications

    • Does not require harsh chemicals for iron oxidation
    • Fully automatic operation for greater efficiency and simple programming
    • Washed quartz underbed provides extra filtration and enables proper cleaning of filter media
  • Applicable Media for 3MAPPM Series Iron Reduction Systems

    • MC-050P for Iron Reduction
    • MC-050P included
    • phPlus to convert standard bed to manganese bed
    • Quartz filter gravel (included in all water treatment systems)
    • QC-18P and QC-25P filter gravel media to support media with all water treatment systems

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