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    Gas Process Filtration

    Gas Processing Filtration

    • Overview

      Raw natural gas contains a combination of solid and liquid contaminants, including: pipeline and well treatment chemicals; water vapor; iron sulfide; iron oxide; and acid gas, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. These contaminants can foul processing equipment, corrode distribution equipment, and lead to foaming and off-spec final product.

      3M Purification products help natural gas processing facilities around the world to increase natural gas process efficiency...protect equipment from fouling...and provide the highest quality, contaminant-free final product. Their high performance and low cost-in-use makes 3M filters the media of choice for a variety of natural gas processing operations, from amine sweetening and tail gas cleanup to final product purification.

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    • Gas Processing Applications for 3M Purification

      Inlet Gas Separation

      Field gas can contain a number of suspended contaminants, which can foul downstream sweetening and dehydration systems. Natural gas gathering systems deliver large volumes of gas via pipeline to the processing facility's central inlet. Filtering this inlet gas is an important first step in protecting downstream processes. Additionally, the produced water must be filtered prior to either disposal or re-injection. 3M Purification products efficiently remove solids and deformable contaminants to reduce process upsets and deliver consistently clean natural gas feeds to further downstream processing.

      Amine Sweetening

      Amine treating systems, in addition to forming a critical part of gas processing, have a significant impact on overall operating costs. Contaminants in the amine system can cause process disruption with problems such as contactor plugging, foaming, and heat exchanger, reboiler and carbon bed fouling. To reduce such incidents – and the accompanying maintenance costs and downtime – high efficiency filtration systems are used to purify:

      • Recirculating amine stream
      • Inlet gas
      • Tail gas cleanup

      3M Purification products are used throughout amine sweetening processes to improve efficiency and provide greater process protection.

      Glycol Dehydration

      Recirculating glycol streams, used to remove water vapor from natural gas, can become contaminated with solids – contributing to corrosion, heat exchanger and reboiler fouling, tray plugging and pump seal failures. 3M Purification products installed both upstream and downstream of the carbon bed in the water rich glycol stream will extend the life of the carbon bed, remove solids and carbon fines, and help protect all downstream equipment.

      Lube Oil

      Lubricating oil filtration is a key element in the efficient operation and protection of large engines used to power compressors and other processing equipment. 3M Purification products eliminate contamination from rust, crankcase scale, and debris to help prevent engine failure and the resulting downtime.

      Fuel & Instrument Gas

      Fuel gas, used throughout gas processing facilities to drive engines, compressors and gas turbines, should be filtered at the point of use. Contamination can cause excessive valve wear, burner tip plugging and other equipment failures. By eliminating contaminants, 3M Purification enables improved combustion, reduced overall maintenance costs, and a higher degree of safety and reliability. Instrument gas is delivered to regulating valves, meters and other control and test equipment. Contamination can cause excessive valve wear, blockage of sensitive detection devices and metering equipment failures. Efficient, cost-effective 3M Purification products help protect sensitive measuring devices.

      Desiccant Dehydration

      Desiccant dehydration systems remove residual water vapor from natural gas streams. Solid particulates in the stream can plug the pores of the absorbent in these systems – causing bed degradation, release of desiccant fines and loss of dehydration capacity. 3M Purification products are used upstream and downstream of desiccant dehydration systems: first, filtering out particulates to protect sensitive absorption and regeneration towers; and secondly, to remove destructive fines, protecting compressors and other equipment.

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