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    Wine Clarification Applications

    Wine Clarification Filters for Wine Manufacturers

    Products for Wine Clarification

    • Filter your wine with Zeta Plus™ H Series Filter Cartridges to efficiently remove particles while limiting wine loss and oxygen pick-up. Our charged-modified filter media catches contaminants too small for mechanical straining alone.

    • Protect your wine with Zeta Plus™ MH Series dual-zone depth filters. Our dual-zone filter design reduces large and small contaminants with reduced cartridge filtered changes.

    • Zeta Plus™ H Series Media Sheets use electrokinetic adsorption technology to help remove wine contaminates at the micron level. Yet, they’re tough enough to endure repeated steaming and sanitation cycles.

    • The H Series depth filter media comes in three capsule media sizes that adsorb contaminants too small for mechanical straining alone.

    Using 3M Depth Filters

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