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Increase your "cool" factor.
Thermally conductive materials to efficiently manage heat in consumer electronic devices.

Thermal Management for Consumer Electronics

  • Consumer demand is hot for more compact, more powerful electronics. But the denser circuits required for smaller devices generate more heat, making higher performing thermal management materials a necessity.

    That's where 3M can help. Our thermal management materials quickly and efficiently dissipate heat, even within tight spaces. We offer a wide range of adhesives, tapes, fillers and more, including options with other desirable properties such as electrical insulation and vibration damping. Optimized for efficient processing, these materials provide unique opportunities to design thinner, lighter, more reliable electronic devices – and beat the heat.

Product Categories

  • These micro-structured additives increase the thermal conductivity of plastic components while maintaining electrical insulation. Lightweight and easy to process, 3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers enable thinner, lighter and more compact parts – and greater freedom of design. Applications include consumer electronics, thermal interface materials (TIM), high-capacity batteries and LED lighting technology.

  • Designed for quick, uniform heat dissipation and reliable adhesion, 3M™ Heat Spreading Materials provide long-term stability at higher temperatures, making them ideal for applications such as spreading heat from hot spots on backlights, batteries or PC boards.

  • For applications requiring high adhesive strength and low thermal impedance, our thermally conductive epoxies and urethanes dispense easily including in high output, in-line automated manufacturing operations, and leave minimal odor. These adhesives can provide a thermal interface between IC packages and PCBs, heat sinks and other cooling devices.

  • Our high performance thermally conductive greases offer high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. 3M™ Thermally Conductive Greases improve the energy transfer from a heat source to a heat sink. Their unique blend of inorganic fillers within a non-silicone matrix provides a thin thermal layer for excellent flow, which improves interface wet-out. Available in two viscosities and can be screen printed.

  • Conformable and soft yet durable, our silicone and acrylic thermal pads improve heat dissipation and thermal interfacing between hot spots such as IC packages or printed circuit boards and cooling devices. By providing heightened wet-out, 3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface pads offer effective heat transfer as well as vibration damping, which makes them ideal for use in LED and electronic devices.

  • Our line of thermally conductive adhesive tapes offers high bonding strength and efficient heat dissipation for heat sink mounting and LED lighting thermal management. Coated on both sides with a high temperature resistant acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, these tapes offer long term reliability, electrical insulation and flame retardant properties. 3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface tapes are ideal for applications requiring gap filling, bonding IC packages and printed circuit boards to cooling devices.

  • Combining hardness with light weight, 3M™ Specialty Glasses have excellent insulation properties and are highly resistant to corrosion. These high performance glass powders, flakes, cullet and custom glass compositions can be used in the manufacture of chip components, such as multi-layer ceramic capacitors and inductor termination pastes.

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