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Prepping with Masking Plastic before paint

Masking Systems

  • Faster, easier prep. Save time.

    Prep work goes a long way toward getting the job done right and avoiding rework. But proper masking takes time, and in this business, time means money. Make paint prep faster and easier with 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Masking Products — the ultimate masking system that applies masking tape to film, plastic or paper in one quick and easy process. It's the do-it-all masking tool for results that meet your high standards. The 3M™ Hand-Masker™ M3000 Dispenser is compact and lightweight - plus, does the job 4 times faster than the paper/poly method.

  • The 3M™ Hand-Masker™ M3000 Dispenser applies painter's tape to masking film, plastic or paper in one continuous application, saving you valuable prep time. For all the basics in one kit, choose the 3M™ Hand-Masker™ M3000 Starter Pack.

  • Whether you're cutting masking film, plastic or paper, these durable stainless steel blades keep your work looking sharp. For a consistently straight cut time after time, try the 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Straight Cut Blade.

  • Get excellent flake resistance that's ideal for multiple-coat paint applications with 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Advanced Masking Film. A hassle-free fold prevents film layers from getting caught in tape, and static cling keeps the film in place.

  • Paper or plastic? The choice is easy. 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Masking Plastic is waterproof and easy to wrap around objects. With paint-flake resistance and no paint bleed-through, it beats masking paper hands-down.

  • Protect windows, trim, railings & drywall from paint drips and overspray.

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