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3M™ Wheel Balancing Weights

3M™ Wheel Weights for Automotive Manufacturers


Learn more about 3M OEM wheel weights

Attain precision tire and wheel balancing in your assembly with 3M™ Wheel Weights using our OEM-approved, PACE Award-winning process.

Lead-free 3M wheel weights, combined with Esys Automation's AutoW8t System, represent a leap forward in tire assembly and wheel balancing, dramatically improving the speed, quality and cost of OEM high-speed tire balancing processes.

Level-wound rolls of 3M™ Wheel Weights along with the automated equipment offer:

  • Reduced inventory and overall systems cost.
  • Potential for reduced residual imbalance in the wheel assembly, reducing the number of balance rejects.
  • Elimination of the chance of picking the incorrect weight from the bin.
  • Wheel Weights Video

    Esys Automation's AutoW8t System is designed to use level-wound rolls of 3M™ Wheel Weights in high-speed, high-volume environments, like automotive assemble plants, with exacting specifications. View the videos to the right to see demonstrations of the fully automated AutoW8t System or the semi-automated Dispense and Cut System.

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