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Key Considerations for Scaling Microfluidic Devices

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    Microfluidic devices transform lives. Thanks to modern technology and miniaturization of diagnostic tests it’s possible to diagnose from almost anywhere—right at the point of care. This ability to get answers and explore treatment options, immediately, has incredible implications for patients and providers around the globe.

Featured Content

  • Image of a women jogging outside as the cover of PDF: Science Behind the Strip: An Engineer’s Guide to Designing Blood Glucose Test Strips for Accuracy

    Blood glucose test strip accuracy is paramount, and it all starts with flawless design. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or are new to the test strip design process, understanding the complexities of each layer’s unique role, effects and reactions of different materials and design process considerations will help you provide the reliable results people depend on.

    Download your copy of “Science Behind the Strip: An Engineer’s Guide to Designing Blood Glucose Test Strips for Accuracy,” to learn to the ins and outs of designing a superior test strip.

Microfluidic Solutions - Free-Flowing Innovation

  • Patients and their caregivers rely on the accuracy and ease of use of your point-of-care and other lab-on-a-chip devices. That’s why it’s critical that the materials used in their construction deliver consistently reliable performance, time after time.

    3M provides manufacturers of microfluidic devices used for applications such as pathogen detection, chronic disease monitoring, cancer screening, genetic biomarker detection, food and environmental monitoring with a broad range of advanced materials, including bioassay-compatible tapes, hydrophilic films for fluid transport, porous membranes used for filtration, electronic assembly tapes, connectors, films and much more. All are made using sophisticated manufacturing techniques and quality management systems designed to ensure the highest possible level of consistency – to help give your customers confidence in the accuracy of their test results.

A Guide to Manufacturing Microfluidic Device Key Components

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    Manufacturing microfluidic devices requires sophisticated techniques. These sensitive strips or discs transport, protect and detect important samples of blood or other fluids that give patients and their caregivers the crucial information they need. Microfluidic devices are usually small and have intricate channels and circuits which require a lot of attention and care to assemble and manufacture.

    This paper will take you through tape components used in microfluidic device design. It will outline common, required steps to manufacture them.

The bottom line? 3M has the expertise and knowledge base to develop a microfluidic solution to help keep you on the leading edge. We speak your language. We Speak Microfluidics.

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    Your next generation device is ready for next steps. Our network of Preferred Converters includes a diverse group of medical device manufacturing experts to help you take the next step.

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