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    Activated Carbon Filters for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Activated Carbon Filters for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Using our latest in activated carbon technology to decolorize and remove containments from your process streams, the 3M offerings can improve biopharmaceutical manufacturing wherever bulk activated carbon is used.

    Biopharmaceutical Activated Carbon Filters Overview

    • For decolorization in the production of vitamins, antibodies, dextrose and gelatin enzymes, our 3M Activated Carbon Filters offer advancements in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

      Our fully enclosed, sanitary design filter cartridge housing significantly reduces the time required for cleaning between batches while reducing operator exposure to potentially harmful solvent fumes. Our full range of cartridge and capsule configurations provides scalable configurations from bench top to production, helping to maintain drug purity and produce high-quality intermediate compounds.

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