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Depth Filters for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Advanced Clarification Technology for Biopharmaceutical Manufactuing
Advanced Clarification Technology

3M offers some of the most effective depth filter technology within a wide range of product portfolios.

Biopharmaceutical Depth Filters Overview

  • Made of cellulose fibers, filter aid and binding resins that impart a charge to the filtration matrix, 3M depth filters are available in a wide range of filter matrices that have strong anion exchange (ZA grade media) to weak anion exchange (SP grade media) characteristics.

    Known throughout the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry for their speed and cleanliness, 3M depth filters are also easy to handle, helping to simplify the depth filter step.

Depth Filter Product Categories

  • 3M™ Zeta Plus™ Encapsulated System

    The Zeta Plus ™ Encapsulated System is a single-use depth filtration system designed for cell culture clarification or downstream impurity removal. The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System is designed to process fluid from 1 liter to 15,000 liters.

  • 3M™ Zeta Plus™ SP Series Filter Cartridges

    3M™ Zeta Plus™ SP Series Filter Cartridges provides optimal clarification of pharmaceutical, biological, bioprocess and cosmetic fluids. They are constructed with Zeta Plus™ SP Series depth filtration media, composed of inorganic filter aid, cellulose and a resin system that imparts a positive charge to the filter matrix, aiding its adsorption of negatively charged contaminants. Learn more!

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