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  • Pack Monitoring

    Pack monitoring products verify whether sterilant has penetrated to the area where the Chemical Indicator (CI) was placed within the pack. These Type 4, Type 5, or Type 6 chemical indicators (as defined by ISO 11140-1:2014) are designed to react to two or more of the critical variables required for sterilization to occur—for steam sterilization, the critical variables are time, temperature, and the presence of steam.

    Only Type 5 Integrating Indicators measure all three critical variables and correlate with a biological indicator at three time/temperature relationships under ideal steam sterilization conditions. It is a best practice to use a Type 4, Type 5, or Type 6 Pack Monitoring Chemical Indicator inside every pack.

    Read how you can get biological indicator monitoring results in just 4 hours for vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

  • Placement of Internal Chemical Indicators

    An internal chemical indicator such as the 3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ Chemical Integrator should be placed inside each package in the area, or areas, that are most difficult for sterilant to penetrate. Always read and understand manufacturers’ instructions for use (for the chemical indicator, device, and/or container).

    Refer to this chemical indicator placement poster for recommendations (PDF, 1,203.6 KB).

  • 3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ Chemical Integrators

    Simple to use and easy to interpret, 3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ Steam Chemical Integrators feature a “moving front” style readout for straightforward “Accept” or “Reject” results. A version with extender is also available for fast and convenient retrieval from inner packs. This Type 5 Integrating indicator correlates to the performance of a biological indicator at three time /temperature relationships under ideal steam sterilization conditions.

    Learn more about SteriGage Chemical Integrators (PDF, 614KB).

  • More Products for Pack Monitoring

    Every facility is different, with its own sterilization and monitoring challenges. Whichever sterilization processes your facility uses, 3M can help with a range of pack monitoring products. We offer chemical indicators for internal pack monitoring in steam, ethylene oxide, and hydrogen peroxide sterilization cycles.

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