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Venous Leg Ulcer (VLU) Solutions

Simplifying venous leg ulcer management

Read VLU best practices from a panel of global experts.

  • Venous Leg Ulcers (VLU) can have a devastating impact on an individuals’ physical and emotional well-being.¹

    People living with chronic edema and VLUs want to engage fully in activities of daily living — without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about what’s on their legs and feet.

    That’s why 3M advanced the science of compression therapy with 3M™ Coban™ 2 Two-Layer Compression Systems, designed with patient comfort and mobility in mind.

The 3M™ Coban™ 2 Two-Layer Compression System Advantage

Studies from clinicians around the world provide evidence that 3M™ Coban™ 2 Two-Layer Compression Systems are able to provide effective compression therapy, which has been shown to reduce chronic edema*, support healing and reduce wound size²* and significantly reduce leg pain²*. Additionally, Coban 2 Compression Systems are fast and easy to apply³ and are less bulky compared to four-layer compression systems. Read two recent studies below.

*Refer to instructions for use (PDF, 78.4 KB)

Solutions for Managing Chronic Edema and Venous Leg Ulcers

With indications for Venous Leg Ulcers (VLU), edema, lymphedema and other conditions where compression is appropriate, the 3M™ Coban™ 2 Two-Layer Compression System provides sustained, therapeutic compression for up to seven days.²

Get your patients back on their feet.

Clinically proven to reduce slippage,⁵ the thinner profile of the Coban 2 Compression System dual layer system allows for patients to wear their own shoes and clothing so they can return to activities of daily living. Plus, it is designed to be applied at full stretch, reducing application variability while making it fast to apply and easy to teach and learn.³

Where Practice Meets Perspective

Whether it is developing a deeper understanding of the lymphatic system and edema or learning about venous leg ulcer best practices and compression therapy, these videos provide practical tips and education from global thought leaders in advanced wound care.

Compression Therapy: The Gold Standard

Compression therapy is considered the gold standard of care for managing patient's lower extremity edema and venous leg ulcers.⁵ Learn more about the role compression therapy plays in healing these lower extremity wounds.

Understanding Venous Leg Ulcers

Venous Leg Ulcers (VLUs) are the most common type of chronic wound, afflicting three million people worldwide.⁷ Learn more about VLUs and other lower extremity conditions.

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Think Skin Deeper

Think Skin Deeper

Find out how thinking skin first can help impact outcomes and improve experiences.

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