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3M™ Nextel™ Fuel Cell Hero
High performance when demand is hot.

Design for reliability with high temperature ceramic textiles for SOFC applications

3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Fibers and Textiles for Fuel Cells

  • Fuel Cell Components

    In our data-driven world, we rely on a constant flow of information. In sectors such as healthcare, banking and public safety, 24/7 access to data is vital. With this much on the line, data centers can't afford service interruptions due to power outages or slowdowns.

    Fuel cell based power generators, such as those using solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), operate at very high temperatures – up to 1000°C. To perform under these demanding conditions, fuel cell components need to be extremely durable. Engineered for use in high temperature textiles and composite reinforcement, 3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Fibers and Textiles offer excellent creep resistance and long service life at very high operating temperatures. These high-strength, high-purity ceramic materials can stand up to the extreme thermal cycling of start-up and cool-down periods. Resilient and reliable, Nextel fibers and textiles help protect stack integrity, extend cell life – and keep power cells operating when demand is hot.

    • Heat resistant
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Electrically non-conductive
    • 99% alumina fiber or alumina-mullite fiber for high creep resistance
    • Helps prevent leakage between fuel and oxygen zones
    • Helps prevent metal creep and glass seal failure due to thermal stress

  • Stack compression

    Unlike metals, which are conductive and can creep at high temperatures, ceramic matrix composites (CMC) reinforced with Nextel fibers offer electrically insulative high strength and low creep, helping maintain cell integrity.

  • Seals and gaskets

    Cell-to-manifold seals need to be gas-tight across extremes in temperature. High temperature Nextel fabrics and sleeving provide flexible, conformable and compressible gaskets and seals that can help mitigate thermal stress in these hot and corrosive applications.

  • Electrical insulation

    The critical interconnect wires in fuel cells are subject to extremely high temperatures. With high electrical resistance at elevated temperatures, Nextel braided sleeving insulates and protects interconnect wires and thermocouples.


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