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Helping fiber fit right at home.

It’s time to look at fiber in a whole new way.

We’re using Science to make life more enjoyable for more people in more places. By bringing broadband to a broader audience. We’re helping families realize the potential of fiber faster through more creative and less disruptive installations in their homes. Installations that are so small and well designed, they’re virtually invisible.

  • Whole.

    3M In-Home Fiber Solutions are ideal for installation of ultra high speed broadband in everything from Single Family Homes to high-rise Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) to Multi-Use Complexes.

  • New.

    The Scientists at 3M have created unique technologies to attach, adhere and blend gigabit fiber cabling to hallways and living units quickly and easily.
    And because installation is so fast and unobtrusive, residents will hardly know it’s there.

  • Way.

    The 3M full fiber solutions include fiber pathway options for both inside and outside the living unit. From pathways that can be painted to match environments to clear, virtually invisible ones, installations can be completed quickly and confidently, with minimal tenant disruption.

How we can help you.

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    Service Providers

    All 3M In-Home Fiber Solutions feature small, aesthetically-pleasing designs with unique 3M adhesive for fast installation with minimal intrusion and disruption. That can mean more units completed and happier customers. According to research, ultra-fast Internet is the top amenity desired by MDU residents*. Just offering this richer entertainment environment raises MDU rental values by 8%**.

    *Based on 2015 NMHC Renter
    **Based on June 2016 FTTH Council Americas market research study

  • Professional installing 3M™ Clear Track Fiber Pathway

    Fiber Professionals

    Our full portfolio of fiber solutions enable crews to install fiber faster and more efficiently while keeping disruption to a minimum. That makes for happier installers and happier residents.

Building Applications

  • Single Family Home

    Full fiber solutions from the drop to the living unit that are easily installed and aesthetically pleasing for inside and outside the living unit.

  • Multi Dwelling Units

    For buildings with indoor hallways, 3M offers an extensive portfolio of fiber solutions—from the hallway to the individual living units. And each one enables fast installation with minimal intrusion.

  • Multi Use Buildings

    Residential buildings with a retail component (Mixed/Multi-Use) can also enjoy the benefits of faster installation and virtually invisible design with 3M full fiber solutions.

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