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  • On June 4, 2018, 3M announced that it had completed the sale of substantially all of its Communication Markets Division to Corning Incorporated.

    Wireless coaxial weatherproofing products and antenna concealment films were excluded from the sale, and have moved to 3M’s Electrical Markets Division.

    3M will continue to support this site for an initial transition period. After this transition period, you will be redirected to a Corning page.

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Enabling faster, more reliable ways to connect the planet and the people who live here.

Bringing broadband to a broader audience. Pioneering new innovations for the future of mobility. And helping companies thrive in today’s data-driven economy. At 3M, we’re using science to create a higher form of communication. With network solutions that connect people, build businesses and improve lives. We focus on the foundation. The passive infrastructure. The bandwidth highways that make networks work. Because by creating solutions that stand apart, we bring the world together.

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