3M Commercial Solutions
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    Purity doesn't always come naturally.


    Commercial solutions filtration systems and filters

    • Every season’s drink—whether beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, or simply water—is designed to taste just right, right when you want it. To help you get that enjoyable taste, beverage makers need quite a bit of science in their recipe for success.

      Filtration is one of the key elements in brewing, distilling and wine-making. Processing purer liquid is vital in creating and preserving the flavor of your favorite refreshments. And 3M offers dozens of solutions for beverage makers, each tailor-made to meet a certain need. Whether it's something as simple as controlling particulate in brewing water, or something as complex as adjusting the color or protecting the flavor of the nearly-finished product, 3M™ Zeta Plus™, 3M™ LifeASSURE™ and 3M™ High Flow Series Filters can add (or subtract, really) at many steps of the process.

      So when you savor your next sip, remember that 3M science is just below the surface.