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  4. Spotless floors. Remarkable cleaning performance.
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    Spotless floors. Remarkable cleaning performance.


    Trifecta, Green/Light Blue Mesh
    Spotless floors. Remarkable cleaning performance.

    Safely clean and protect your facilities, while lowering your overall costs with cleaning solutions from 3M.

    • Spotless floors, remarkable cleaning solutions from 3M.

      Floors often get taken for granted. People walk, trek dirt and spill on them without giving a second thought. But as a facilities manager, you are no stranger to the effort and supplies it takes to maintain these forgotten floors.

      Whether your building is a haven for children to learn or a mecca for business professionals, keeping it safe and clean are your top priorities. At 3M, we understand the unique challenges you face. With our innovative products, we are committed to helping deliver quality results and help lower your total maintenance costs.

      Our cleaning, maintenance and floor protection products were developed to help drive measurable commercial benefits and sustainability advantages. The wide range of solutions we have designed are meant to safely clean and protect your facility. Busy traffic areas will shine with less maintenance and will be more resist to stains, scuffs and scratches.

      Floor maintenance solutions from 3M will help provide remarkable cleaning performance while helping to lower your total costs

      We want to give you cleaning power where and when you need it. Consistent performance with long lasting shine.