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    Even steel needs protection.


    Trifecta, Light Blue/Blue Mesh
    Even steel needs protection.

    Ionic Bonding. Elevating your stainless steel cleaning.

    • Stainless steel cleaner and protector

      Stainless steel is an attractive part of any facility's appearance—at first. But as oil and grime are ground into its natural grooves and ridges, the surface loses its shine. The best way to keep it looking good is to keep the grime from collecting in the first place.

      This protection can be achieved with ionic bonding, a process that works like magnets at the molecular level. 3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protector uses ionic bonding to lock invisibly onto stainless steel surfaces, repelling soil and grime instead of allowing it to settle into the steel's grooves.

      Our solution isn't just a great protector: it's also a better cleaner. It cleans in less time and with less product than alternatives, and doesn't leave streaks or require buffing. And it protects not just stainless steel but the world we live in: the water-based solution reduces carbon over 90% compared to oil-based alternatives.

      There's one thing, and one thing only, that you want sticking to your stainless steel: our protector.