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    Deliver orders with speed and accuracy.


    3M™ Drive-Thru Headset System G5

    • 3M™ Drive-Thru Headset System G5

      Your drive-thru is 10 cars deep, orders are flying in, and your team is hustling to keep lunch-hour patrons happy as the minutes tick by. Your fast-serve restaurant’s success hinges on your staff’s ability to deliver orders with precision, and speed. You can help your employees, and your business, thrive with an ordering headset technology that helps maximize performance, and minimize critical mistakes.

      Our 3M™ Drive-Thru Headset System G5 is wireless, lightweight, and utilizes best in class sound technology, so your employees can better understand even complicated customer orders. Plus, the headset’s modular design allows for easy in-store serviceability. Your team members can quickly detach the control pod from the carrier and replace with a new carrier in seconds, without a major interruption in flow. That means teams can reduce downtime, cut repair costs, and serve more customers with success.

      Customers are seeing the difference in their day-to-day.

      Jackie R., QSR manager told us: “Even my employees agree … reminder features like ‘wash your hands’ are really helpful. They keep my staff on task and free me up to focus on more important things.”

      With a drive-thru service that’s humming along, orders are getting out on time, money is coming in, and customers will be coming back. Maximize service. Minimize mistakes.