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    Next up: Net Zero living.


    Trifecta green/light green mesh
    Next up: Net Zero living.
    What is Net Zero? Learn about new energy standards being adopted in Europe and growing in the U.S., and how 3M is helping.

    • Net Zero for Commercial Buildings

      The energy landscape is changing.

      A new standard is being set, Net Zero, which requires buildings to produce as much energy as they consume. The European Union has set a target to have all new buildings near Net Zero energy by 2021. With other regions around the globe adopting similar policies—including the state of California.

      Generating energy from renewable sources like wind and solar panels, and insulating windows to create efficient environments is more in demand than ever.

      From window films to LED lights and solar solutions, 3M has a history of innovation in energy solutions—from utilities to consumers. Each day 3M scientists conduct cutting-edge research to find fresh perspectives, all to meet the ever-expanding needs of Net Zero living, renewable energy, and the future of our planet. Out on a power line or deep in the nooks and crannies of a sub-station, we’re finding opportunities to help utilities and consumers save energy.

      The world is shifting to Net Zero and we’re ready for it.

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