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    Today. Tomorrow. For generations to come.


    Trifecta, Green/Light Blue Mesh
    Today. Tomorrow. For generations to come.

    In most everything we do facility care and cleaning solutions from 3M help create a better world today and for generations to come.

    • facility care and cleaning

      Sustainability is key for your business. You know that. But the day-to-day challenge is to understand the ways you can implement sustainable solutions into your daily operations. We help ensure that the entire lifecycle of our products are taken into account. Greener solutions are sought throughout the development, manufacturing, and use of our products.

      Our cleaning solutions embrace the principles of sustainable development, and more importantly, we help empower your business to do the same. Our practices have supported economic, social and environmental sustainability for over 70 years.

      At 3M, we actively develop cleaning solutions that help address the environmental challenges. Reduce your environmental footprint. Take important steps towards a greener future.